164 Mason Street, Greenwich, CT 06830 / (203) 629-4519
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  • Anderson Guide to Food in Greenwich

    Often called the "Green Guide" or the "Anderson Zagat" of Greenwich, Anderson has published a guide to food in Greenwich and the surrounding area! This guide is chock full of reviews, including restaurants, bakeries, caterers, cooking schools, delicatessens, farms, home delivery, specialty food stores... and much more!

  • Anderson Guide to Enjoying Greenwich

    The Anderson Guide, a real insider’s guide, is considered the best directory for town resources by new residents as well as people who have lived in town all their lives. Take a look at the restaurant reviews - over 230 restaurants are reviewed with pertinent comments about each restaurant’s food, service and ambiance. To help you make a restaurant selection, check the index for type of food, specialty and area neighborhoods.

  • Anderson Guide to Volunteer Opportunities in Greenwich

    When asked, "What makes Greenwich Special?" The answer–Volunteers! Greenwich has a wealth of volunteers committed to making life in our town the best it can be. Volunteers are the "Heart and Soul" of our town. In this booklet, over 120 volunteer organizations are listed.

  • Greenwich Newcomers Clubs

    The Old Greenwich-Riverside newcomers club is active and fun. It is very welcoming, has a wealth of activities and is a great place to meet new friends. It has a good mix of new and long term residents.

Town Resources >>>
    Greenwich Libraries >>>
    • Main Library
      (203) 622-7900

      The Greenwich Library is a special town treasure. The library is the most used public library in Connecticut and the second most used library in New England. Besides being able to search the collection and check out books or CDs, it has a very strong Health Information Center as well as 100 databases most of which members can search from their home. The Library has two other branches. In addition Old Greenwich has its own Library, unaffiliated with the Greenwich Library, Perrot Library.

    • Byram Schubert Branch
      (203) 531-0426 (Byram Shubert Branch)
    • Cos Cob Branch
      (203) 622-6883
    • Perrot Library
      (203) 637-1066 (Main Perrot Library Number)
      (203) 637-8802 (Perrot Children's Library)
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    Shipping & Moving Companies >>>
    • UPS Store
      (203) 356-0022
      (203) 625-8130
    • UPS Customer Center
      (800) 742-5877
    • Federal Express
      (800) 238-5355
    • FedEx Staffed Location (Kinkos)
      (203) 863-0099
    • Calahan Brothers
      (203) 869-2239

      The local agent for North American Van lines and a fixture in Greenwich for many years.

    • Alexander Services
      (888) 656-6838
      (203) 324-4012

      Local movers for many antique shops.

    Car Registration and Drivers Licenses >>>
    • Department of Motor Vehicles
      (800) 842-8222
      (860) 263-5700
    Security >>>
    • Advanced Electronics
      (203) 377-0740
    • PI Security
      (203) 862-9300
    Garbage & Recycling >>>
    • Garbage Collection

      Garbage (except for recycled items) is collected by independent haulers. To find the name of a licensed collector, call the Greenwich Haulers Association at 203-622-0550 or the Holly Hill Superintendent's office at 203-869-6910. Click here for more information.

    • Recycling
      (203) 622-0550 (For a blue recycle bin call Greenwich Recycling, (203) 622-0550)
    Locksmiths >>>
    • Charles Stuttig
      (203) 869-6260
    • Greenwich Lock and Door
      (203) 622-1095
    Utilities / Telephone / Internet / TV >>>
      Electricity >>>
      • Northeast Utilities/Connecticut Light & Power
        (800) 286-2000
        (800) 286-5000 (corporate office)
      Water >>>
      • Aquarion (formerly Connecticut-American Water Company)
        (203) 869-5200 (Office)
        (203) 661-7200 (Emergency)
        (800) 292-2928 (Customer Services)
        (800) 832-9678 (Customer Service)
      Telephone >>>
      • AT&T / SBC
        (800) 222-0300
      • MCI
        (800) 950-5555
      • SNET / SBC. (Old Greenwich & Riverside)
        (800) 453-7638 (800.453.SNET(7638))
      • Sprint
        (800) 827-2200
      • Verizon (Western part of Greenwich)
        (203) 869-5222 (New Service)
        (203) 661-5444 (Repairs)
        (203) 625-9800 (Customer Service)
      • Do Not Call List
        (888) 382-1222 (Do Not Call List)
      TV >>>
        Satellite >>>
        • Performance Imaging / EPI
          (203) 504-5200
        • DirecTV
          (800) 347-3288
        • Dish Network
          (888) 347-4949
          (888) 825-2557
        Cable >>>
        • Cablevision of Connecticut (broadband, television and movies)
          (203) 750-5600
          (203) 348-9211 (customer service)
          (800) 783-8886 (sales)
        • Verizon FiOS
          () -
      Oil & Propane >>>
      • Northfield Oil
        (203) 629-3835
      • Petro (formerly Fairfield Home Oil)
        (800) 645-4328
      • Bottled Propane Gas
        () -
      • Modern Gas Propane
        (203) 869-4226
      • New England-Greenwich Propane Company
        (203) 869-1881
      Natural Gas >>>
      • Connecticut Natural Gas
        (203) 869-6900 (Customer Service)
        (203) 869-6913 (Emergency)
    Emergency & Health Services >>>

      Family Services >>>
      • Youth Crisis Hotline
        (800) 448-4662
      • Center for Women and Families
        (203) 334-6154
    • Greenwich Hospital
      (203) 863-3000

      The Greenwich Hospital, so convenient and caring, just keeps getting better. Recently they hired a top rated chef to provide gourmet meals to patients. With amenities similar to a Hyatt, there is clearly no better place to recoup or have a baby.

    • Greenwich Police
      (203) 622-8000 (Non-emergency)
      (203) 618-3060 (Parking Tickets)
    • Greenwich Fire Department
      (203) 622-3950 (Central Non-emergency Fire Department)
    • Greenwich Emergency Medical Service (GEMS)
      (203) 637-7505 (Office of GEMS)
    • Poison Control Centers
      (800) 343-2722 (Connecticut Poison Control (University of CT Health Center))
      (800) 222-1222 (National Poison Control)
    Activities & Entertainment >>>
    • Fairy Tale Beginnings

      Fairytale Beginnings provides princess entertainment for children's birthday parties and special events. Choose your child's favorite princess to make a personal appearance at their next party, where she will entertain guests of all ages with songs, games, stories, dancing, and so much more!

    • Ferry Schedule to Island Beach and Great Captain’s Island
      (203) 661-5957 (Ticket Office)
      (203) 618-7672 (Hours of Operation)
    • Town Golf Course (Griffith E Harris Golf Course)
      (203) 531-6944
    • Dorothy Hamill Ice Scating Rink
      (203) 531-8560
    • Bruce Museum
      (203) 869-0376

      The second most popular museum in Connecticut. It is placed in the top 10% of museums in the USA.

    Greenwich Town Hall >>>
    • Town of Greenwich Website (Town Hall)
      (203) 622-7700

      Greenwich has a comprehensive website, where you can look up almost anything, from town meetings, your local RTM member, to beach, tennis or golf passes. Be sure to sign up for emergency notification emails.

    • Assessors Office
      (203) 622-7885
    • Beach Card Office
      () - (2036227817)
    • Building Inspections Department
      (203) 622-7754
    • Planning & Zoning
      (203) 622-7894
    • Selectman’s Office
      (203) 622-7710
    • Parking Services
      (203) 622-7730
    Post Offices >>>
    • Main Post Office
      (203) 625-3168
    • Cos Cob Post Office (06807)
      (203) 869-1470
    • Glenville Post Office (06831)
      (203) 531-8744
    • Back Country Greenwich Post Office (06831)
      (203) 633-168
    • Old Greenwich Post Office (06870)
      (203) 637-1405
    • Riverside Post Office (06878)
      (203) 637-9332
  • Greenwich Contractors

    Click here for a vetted and reviewed list of Greenwich contractors.

  • Community Answers

    Community Answers, a group of helpful volunteers, can answer a wide variety of questions about the Greenwich community, including questions on such things as community organizations, services and special events in Greenwich.

  • Greenwich Education

    Information regarding all of the public schools, private schools, and contuing education in Greenwich.

  • Find the zip code for any address in Greenwich CT
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  • Privacy Rights Clearinghouse

    An excellent source of information on your rights, what is current and who to contact.

  • Identity Theft Resource Center
  • Federal Trade Commission Identity Theft Center
  • Free Annual Credit Report Site

    This is a reliable site to get your free credit report mandated by law. However, unless you are sure your computer is virus free, it is wise to call their toll free number, (877) 322-8228. You can use this site to get reports from all three major credit reporting agencies, Experian, Equifax or TransUnion. Ask that only the last four digits of your social security number be used when the report is sent to you. Kiplinger recommends AnnualCreditReport.com for credit reports.

  • Experian (888-397-3742)

  • Equifax (800-685-1111)

  • TransUnion (800-888-4213)

  • myFICO Credit Scores

    FICO scores are used by most banks to decide on mortgage rates. This site will tell you how to get your score and how to improve it and provide a monitoring service. Once you know your FICO score you can use their site to see what your mortgage rate should be and compare it to the ones you have received. You can estimate your FICO score free at bankrate.com. FICO says the USA median score is 723 and the top score is 850. Apparently any score over 750 will get you the best rate.

  • Credit.com

    Credit.com is one of the many sites offering a credit monitoring service. This independent site, run by the former head of the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs, has a wealth of information on credit issues

Consumer Information >>>
House Plans >>>

    There are over 8,000,000 sites selling house plans. Unfortunately we have not been able to check out all of them. Below are some we believe may be useful.

  • Cool House Plans

    Very busy site with almost too much information. Some users feel the designs are outdated, others don’t.

  • Dream House Source

  • E-Plans

    This site gets high ratings from users for currency and ease of use, and belongs to Hanley Wood who publishes very good building magazines.

  • House Plans Online

    They claim to have the largest collection of house plans on-line.

  • The House Designers

    Limited number of designs from 10 architects.

  • Design House

    The staff will help you sort through the plans.

for Homeowners >>>
    Gardening >>>
    Home Improvement >>>

    • Check to see if your Contractor is Registered in Connecticut

      Home Improvement Contractors must be registered in Connecticut with the Department of Consumer protection. If your contractor is not registered they will not be able to get a building permit. It is always advisable to get a building permit, not only will the town inspection give you some assurance that the job was done correctly, but the Certificate of Occupancy (CO) will be necessary when you try to sell your home. New Home Contractors are registered separately

    • Franklin Report

      The Franklin Report rates service providers (aka contractors) by price and quality. We have found their ratings to be reliable. However, most contractors charge more when they are busy and less when they are not, so be sure to get at least two estimates.

    • Angie's List

      Another website that rates service providers and has customer comments (good and bad) about their services. One annoyance is you have to register to use the site.

    • Remodeling Magazine’s Cost vs Value Report

      Each year for the last 18-years the magazine has published a chart of the value of different remodeling projects. They are a good indication. Each house and neighborhood is different. You should ask one of our Realtors if your specific remodeling project will "pay off" at resale.

    • Home Depot

      Expert do-it-yourself advice.

    • Lowes

      Expert do-it-yourself advice.

    • Better Homes and Gardens

      Has a Home Improvement Encyclopedia on how to do just about every home project. Unfortunately you have to wade though a great many advertisements.

    • Home Time

      Good library of home improvement How-To articles.

    • HomeTips.com

      Sound home remodeling information

    • DIYNet.com

      Advice on everything from gardening, to building to home improvement.

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