164 Mason Street, Greenwich, CT 06830 / (203) 629-4519

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Greenwich public schools (11 elementary, 3 middle and 1 high school) are rated at the top in Connecticut - 40% of the graduates go to the "Most Competitive Colleges."

The school budget is approximately $126 million. The average class size is 20 and almost 90% of the teachers have masters degrees.

In addition, Greenwich has 30 independent pre-schools and nine excellent private and parochial day schools.

Call (203) 625-7449 for information on School Bus pick-up times and locations. If your child is young and other children are not nearby, you can often get the school bus to stop in front of or very near your home. In general, bus service is provided for students who live beyond one mile from school (Grades K-5), one and a half miles from school (Grades 6-8), and two miles from school (Grades 9-12).